Astoria CORE 200 2 Group

Astoria CORE 200 2 Group

JD 3,700.00

Available in Black and White

With Core200, espresso has a new design. Astoria’s heart beats inside Core, a blend of tradition, technology and passion for espresso. A solid and reliable product with a minimal and contemporary design.


1. Shot Timer
Indication of the extraction times for each group.

2. Logo
Backlit Astoria logo

3. Flap rack in each group
Allows the machine to be used both for espresso cups and for glasses of milk-based beverages.

4. Larger diameter steam nozzles
Allow more consistency in the quality of the steam, improved milk frothing.

5. LED Work Light
Allows the “barista” to work in optimal conditions even in reduced visibility environments such as pubs, clubs, etc.

6. Mechanical “filocarrozzeria” buttons
They keep the pediment clean and thanks to their mechanical nature they avoid defects due to steam, dirty hands, wet hands, etc.

7. Pre-set doses
Four different pre-set doses in the SAE version.

8. Front cut under the pediment
Reduces the working time allowing the barista to see at a glance the ring holder coupler ring without having to lower.

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