NEOUZA Espresso Tamper Calibrated GREY 58mm

NEOUZA Espresso Tamper Calibrated GREY 58mm

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This is a Calibrated Espresso tamper made of food grade 304 stainless steel. It can help you produce consistent and uniform pressure with elastic feedback design. This product will be highly Satisfy for those who have higher requirements for coffee extraction.

Compared with the existing calibrated tampers on the market, this product adds a circular baffle. It ensures that the tamper is pressed down vertically to avoid tilting the coffee puck surface due to the non-vertical force angle.Perfectly Vertical Tamps even between different people.

The metal handle is round and beautiful. It is very comfortable to grip the handle. The flat and thick food grade 304 stainless steel base can easily press the coffee powder into a compact puck.

The tamper is available in three sizes, 51mm,53mm and 58mm, which are compatible with the corresponding inner diameter of the filter basket. It is highly recommended to measure your filter basket with a vernier caliper to make sure it fits your filter basket. Or you can contact me and we are happy to help you choose the correct size

It can be use in a household, office, coffee house, espresso shop or it could be a perfect gift for your coffee friends, family.

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